Tail Waggers Club is staffed by experts, knowledgeable in the field, who are also animal owners and
lovers. We created Tail Waggers Club to offer others the service we want our own animals to
experience. With a focus on pet safety and relaxation, our immaculate, friendly salon sets the
standard for grooming. Our friendly, well-lit, air conditioned facility has a playful design: Grooming
is done in the front area where everyone can watch and feel comfortable that their pet is getting
professional, loving care.

Your dog will love you for giving him Tail Waggers Club treats that are made with care from
wholesome ingredients and as a pet parent you'll enjoy the warm feeling you get from giving your
puppy a unique beautiful treat prepared especially for him. Enjoy sharing a doggie birthday cake,
unique holiday themed dog treats.

Our master groomers have at
10+ years of grooming. Each service includes a consultation with your
groomer, who will discuss options such as what shampoo will best fit your pet’s needs and what style of
clip would best suit your pet.

Tail Waggers Club is dedicated to your satisfaction and your best friends’ happiness. Our primary
goal is to give you and your pet what you want. Tail Waggers Club has a love for animals that makes us
uniquely capable of understanding our clients’ needs and delivering the excellent service so needed in
the pet care industry. We have fun – so will you and your pet.

Make an appointment today and experience the Tail Waggers Club difference?
Tail Waggers Club™
Your neighborhood doggy day spa.
Featuring pampered grooming, gourmet baked treats and a full line of doggy clothing
Bring your pet in to experience the Tail Waggers Club difference today!